Cancellation Fees for booking Flight/Plane

All booking cancellations must be given to us 24 hours prior your booking. This will give us time to book other students who want to fly. It is not fair to other students who want to fly or utilize instructor time if you do not cancel in time. You can change or cancel your scheduled flight for any reason but must be done 24 hours prior your schedule. If notice is not given 24 hours prior your booking you may be charged for a no-show.

All students are expected to arrive in time for their scheduled booking. You will be considered late and will be charged for a no-show 15 minutes after your reservation time. The No-show rate is $55. 

Weather conditions that require you to reasonably cancel a reservation will be reviewed on an individual basis. It is unacceptable to assume your booking is cancelled just because of weather. You are expected to arrive at your scheduled time unless otherwise notified. If you do not speak with us prior to cancelling your booking in this case, you will be charged for a no-show.

If a student books a ground school session and cancels within less than 24 hours, or does not show up for the class, the cancellation fee is $55.

These policies are subject to our discretion. We understand that emergencies can happen, and you may not be able to cancel your booking in a timely manner. Waiving the no-show fee will be at the discretion of the management and the scheduled instructors.

REFUND POLICY: There are NO REFUNDS on block time purchases. Students are responsible to fly off ALL flight time and maintain a 180-day flight currency with us once payment is received. If we do not hear from you in that time the account will be closed and any balance might be fore-fitted.

You must notify us of your cancellation in one of two ways:
• Send a text or call at (714) 361-2446
• Send an email to

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